Love-Trigger Limited 服務條款及免責聲明

報名參加Love-Trigger Limited(下稱L-T)活動的人士必須為單身,並同時符合活動之年齡限制及學歷要求,如果已報名人士不符合活動要求, L-T 有權取消其參加資格且不會安排退款。

參加者若因私人理由(包括身體不適、 臨時有事、報錯活動、報名本人或同行人士不符合活動要求 ) 而無法參加已付款之活動, L-T 不會安排退款。

Love-Trigger Limited 只歡迎單身及有誠意交友之人士參加,恕不歡迎任何人士以傳銷或推銷業務為主要目的而參與 L-T 活動,同時,恕不歡迎Speed Dating同業參加,一經發現將立刻被邀請離場。 L-T 並同時有權拒絕任何人士參加活動。

L-T 有權拒絕或當場中止任何人士參加本會活動。

L-T 的Speed Dating活動人數會視乎報名反應而定, L-T 可自行增加或減少活動人數。

活動場地亦有可能因為不可預期之因素(包括活動場地設施損壞, 不適宜舉行活動, 場地預約問題等) 而更改, L-T 將於活動前最少兩小時個別通知更改事宜, 參加者必須如期參加活動, L-T 並不會對閣下因更改活動場地而引起之任何形式損失或因此感到不滿意而作出任何形式之賠償(包括金錢賠償,退款或改為參加其他活動或提供其他優惠) 。

L-T 只擔任中介角色及負責安排Speed Dating活動及單對單約會以提供會員互相結識的機會,當中有關任何利益衝突,或會員誠信問題,一概與 L-T 無關, L-T 不會負上任何法律責任。

L-T 不能保證參加者的誠信,各參加者在作任何決定之前必須自行判斷對方之品格。

所有參加者應自行考慮任何室內或戶外活動人身安全之風險,如於活動前後或期間遇上任何因天災或人為造成之意外、受傷或身亡事故, L-T 並不會作出任何金錢賠償或承擔任何法律責任。

為保障會員之人身安全,假如Speed Dating活動及單對單約會舉行前兩小時,天文台仍發出紅色或黑色暴雨警告或仍然懸掛8號或以上風球,當天活動將取消。 L-T 將以電話個別通知參加者,並盡快安排活動延期舉行,參加者已繳付之報名費將不獲退還。

為保障參加者之權益,敬請提供真實年齡及個人資料。L-T 保留現場抽樣查核身份證明文件或公司名片之權利。

請緊記提取並保留入數紙正本並於活動當日出示 (如使用網上銀行轉賬請列印收據) 如未能出示入數紙正本, 本會將有權拒絶該人士參加活動。

Love-Trigger Limited 在各種爭議上擁有最終決定權。

Love-Trigger Limited Terms of Service and Disclaimer

Those who sign up for the Love-Trigger Limited (L-T) activities must be single and at the same time meet the age limit and educational requirements of the event. If the applicant does not meet the requirements of the event, LT has the right to cancel his eligibility and will not refund.

L-T will not arrange a refund if the participant is unable to attend the payment due to personal reasons (including physical discomfort, temporary incident, incident, registration or counterparts do not meet the requirements of the event)

Love-Trigger Limited welcomes only those who are single and sincere friends, and will not welcome anyone to participate in LT activities with the main purpose of MLM or marketing business. At the same time, competitors/people from speed dating industry are not welcomed. Once discovered, they will be invited to leave. L-T and has the right to refuse any person to participate in the event.

L-T has the right to refuse or to suspend any person on the spot to participate in the events of Love-Trigger Limited.

The number of participants of L-T Speed ​​Dating Event will depend on the registration reaction. L-T can increase or decrease the number of participants.

The venue may also be changed due to unforeseen factors (including damage to the venue facilities, improper activities, site booking, etc.). LT will notify the change at least two hours before the event. Participants must participate in the event as scheduled, LT will not make any form of indemnity (including monetary damages, refunds or other activities or other offers) in respect of any form of loss or consequential dissatisfaction arising from your alteration to the venue.

L-T does not assume any legal liability for L-T’s role as an intermediary and is only responsible for arranging Speed ​​Dating activities and single-to-single appointments to provide members with the opportunity to meet each other, not responsible for any conflict of interest or integraity of membership. L-T will not be held liable.

L-T can not guarantee the integrity of the participants, the participants must make any decision before the judge their own character.

All participants should consider the risk of personal safety of any indoor or outdoor activities, such as any accident or injury caused by natural or man-made accidents before or during the event, LT will not make any monetary compensation or bear any law responsibility.

In order to protect the personal safety of members, if the Speed ​​Dating event and the first two hours of a single appointment, the Observatory still issued a red or black rainstorm warning or still hanging No. 8 or above the ball, the day activities will be canceled. L-T will inform the participants individually of the call and arrange for the event to be held as soon as possible. The registration fee paid by the participant will not be refunded.

To protect the interests of the participants, please provide the true age and personal information. L-T reserves the right to spot checks on identity documents or company cards.

Please remember to extract and retain the original copy of the paper and show on the day of the event (if the use of online bank transfer please print receipt) If you can not produce the original copy of the paper, this will have the right to refuse the person to participate in activities.

Love-Trigger Limited has the final say in all disputes.

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